IMAGINE waking up to perfectly shaped, polished face every morning… to have more time to enjoy your coffee and prepare for the rest of your day.

IMAGINE being confident knowing you have your best face forward, no matter what the activity, ALWAYS.

Am I a candidate for eyelash extensions?
As long as you have eyelashes that are not too sparse and are at least 3mm long, you are a candidate. If there are no natural lashes, there is nothing to attach an extension to.

How will my eyelash extensions look after the procedure is done?
Eyelash extensions should be an emphasis of what you already have. Our formula at Glamoureyez Bar® is “natural but noticeable”. Eyelash extensions should not look noticeably fake. They should look natural but have them long/full enough to have people wondering if they are actually your own. We want you to grab the right kind of attention. Extensions are customized to each and every individual person.

What kind of length should I get? How full should I get my extensions?
Glamoureyez Bar® carries eyelash extensions that range from 8mm to 14mm in length. The width can range from 0.10 to 0.20 of a millimeter. The extensions can be as noticeable or as natural as you prefer. Before the procedure, we will have a consultation where I study you as an individual and your personal style to be able to determine the right look that will suit you best.

Will eyelash extensions damage my lashes?
Eyelash extensions can damage natural lashes if  the width of the extension used is too heavy for your natural lashes or the length is more than double of your natural lash. Either of these practices will have the result of extensions that are too heavy for the natural lashes. This can lead to “droopy lashes” and lashes that shed prematurely-which will lead to damaging of the hair follicle.
Extensions that are attached to more than one natural lash are not only uncomfortable and can be painful but also very damaging to your natural lashes.

What happens during an eyelash extension procedure?
While you are lying down and relaxing, the Glamoureyez Bar® technician carefully, using fine tweezers, isolates lashes and attaches an individual extension.

During the first 48 hours after application, make sure your eyelash extensions stay dry.
Do not apply any products on to the eyelash extensions within 48 hours of application.
Avoid shower steam. No saunas, No steam rooms, No swimming pools.
Avoid greasy or oil-based products on and around the eyes.
Do not use waterproof mascara.
Do not use a eyelash curler.
Do Not PICK, PULL or RUB!!